Right from when your child's first teeth erupt into when the teeth begin showing, keeping an eye out in your baby's dental hygiene will affect not just their oral health and appearance but also their general wellbeing. Also in sports when children play sports it is very important to wear sports mouth guard in Vaughan to protect their teeth from injuries.

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Do you remember about your baby's dental landmarks that are significant? Here's a look at them and what you can do to maintain your child's dental improvement on track.

The tooth

The health of the baby teeth is vitally important because these teeth will eventually give way to the permanent teeth. Ensuring healthy teeth and grin in your little one will keep his/her teeth healthy much as s/he develops into an adult.

Your baby's first tooth would break through the gums between age six months to a year and s/he would find a complete set of teeth by age three decades.

Together with the process of teething begins fussiness and drooling because of gum irritation. You can help ease your baby's sore gums by lightly rubbing them with a clean thumb or using a teething ring.

Decay is a concern, starting as early as the look of your child's first tooth. Clean their teeth twice per day with a child-sized toothbrush. Do not use any more toothpaste compared to the size of a grain of rice. Help your child together with the cleaning routine until you're sure s/he can brush and brush on his/her own.