Nearly two-thirds (66%) of companies consider using the cloud to back up data, according to a new industry study. A study found that 62% of companies would like to adopt a new approach to archiving and disaster recovery in the next 12 to 18 months.  Now it has become easier to get cloud migration solutions via

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The majority of respondents (59%) stated that archiving facilities need to be modernized due to the ever-increasing volume of data. 54% said they should also reduce disaster recovery time. However, a quarter of respondents said they still have cloud security issues.

Neil MacDonald, vice president of Gartner Research, recently said that analytics firms have also determined that cloud security is a major concern when organizations use the cloud. However, on his blog on the company's website, he defends cloud security and says, "Much of Gartner's research has identified security as a major impediment to cloud-based computing adoption. 

Many IT professionals believe cloud computing is less secure than they can provide on-site. error. An absolute claim that cloud computing will be less secure is just as wrong as an absolute claim that cloud computing will be more secure. Both can and will come true. 

Cloud archiving is fast becoming a very attractive data protection option for many IT organizations. As data growth continues and businesses need to protect data in remote offices, laptops, and virtual environments, traditional backup/restore typically cannot complete backup tasks on schedule. Recovery, on the other hand, is usually a complex exercise out of frustration.