After all, the design you've been thinking about for months fits perfectly on your body. What's the next step? Did you just leave him there to fend for himself? Remember, it's up to you to see as you imagine.

Artist aftercare techniques vary, so listen and follow their directions. They are the experts, so you know what's best for you. Keeping it hydrated will keep the tattoo area moist and will help reduce or prevent itching. You can find the best moisturizer for tattoo via

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Direct contact with sunlight can also affect the quality of your tattoo over time. Always apply a high SPF sunscreen after your tattoo has healed – ideally, cover the tattoo while it's out in the sun to keep it visible.

You should never leave a tattoo parlor without receiving a list of verbal or written instructions. Among these guides, moisturizer stands out. There are many recommended tattoo creams – you will be able to follow your artist's advice well.

If you refuse the means of ointments, then they should be used in small quantities to protect the scab from premature peeling. Food, moisture, and protection are the most important things your skin needs to repair wounds. The right ointment or cream can do it all at once.

It's okay to apply moisturizer right after your first wash, but some tattoo artists recommend waiting up to 24 hours before putting anything on it. They know best and you should follow their advice.