If you’re planning to develop a real estate property and want to know how to go about your building project management smoothly and all required approvals done, it would be better to have a building project manager to guide you through and process the documents and requirements needed for your project. 

You should hire an independent project management specialist or agency such as Versar Inc who is familiar with the ropes and can help you from the planning and designing stage to the overseeing and completion of the project.

Program & Construction Management

A building project manager can take care of preparing and processing your Development Application (DA) and other necessary requirements to ensure approval from ABS and other building certification bodies.

Duties of a Building Project Manager

It would be advisable to employ the services of someone who knows more about how the home building process works and can competently liaise with tradesmen, suppliers and building contractors. A building project manager is a building professional who can assist you in building project management, whether it is a new construction, renovation or home extension, to produce quality results. 

Hiring a good building project manager is value for money because this ensures that your project will be completed within budget, on time, and with all requirements and quality expectations met.

Here are some basic tasks of a building project manager:

  • interpret plans

  • estimate costs and quantities of materials needed

  • plan construction methods and procedures

  • coordinate the supply of labour and materials

  • supervise construction sites

  • direct site managers and subcontractors to maintain the standards of building performance, quality, cost schedules and safety

  • prepare documentation

  • keep building regulations, standards and by-laws in building operations in check

  • consult with architects, engineers and other technical workers

To help you through your building project, from preparation to documentation and completion, find the right building project manager for you.