There aren’t many however, there are a few who really love and admire their wine. Some people enjoy with their food while others enjoy during a party. Wines don’t come in just one type as there are many available today. Let’s focus on some of the types of wine and also their characteristics.

  1. Riesling – This type of wine offers a sweet fruity flavor due to high acidity content. Moreover, this wine comes in light to medium body making it perfect to be had with meats, chicken and duck.
  2. Pinot Noir – Another great wine that offers sweet fruity flavor is Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noir comes in low body level but highly acidic and low tannin level making perfect to be had with soft cheeses, port, cured meats, and chicken.
  3. Sauvignon Blanc – This type of wine offers citrus fruit taste due to its light-medium body level. The Sauvignon Blanc is a fantastic wine that goes well with food cooked in the style of the French, Mexican and Vietnamese. So, get ready to cook your favorite veal, cheese, pork or fish.
  4. Pinot Gris –If healthy is what you are looking for then the Pinot Gris is perfect to be had with mild cheese, poached fish, and fresh salad. This wine offers sweet fruity flavors.
  5. Chardonnay – French love Chardonnay due to its rich fruity flavor making it perfect to be had with seafood, chicken, nutty cheese and chicken.

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