It seems that the benefits of using kosher salt are more widely being recognized. For thousands of years, kosher salt has been a source of salt used by Jewish communities all over the world. Because of its high concentration in natural trace minerals, it has been used as an effective therapeutic healing salt for centuries and continues to be used that way today. And its continued worldwide popularity as a safe, natural healing salt is only increasing. It's interesting to note too that most of these trace minerals found in this naturally Himalayan pink salt come straight from natural sources and not from the mines where.

One of the key trace mineral benefits of kosher salt is blood pressure regulation. High blood pressure can result in a host of health problems and can even result in heart disease. While scientists have yet to identify a single reason for hypertension, studies have shown that trace mineral levels in salt, particularly those found in kosher salt, may help lower blood pressure. Even more impressively, a two-month study in Israel of schoolchildren found that children who regularly consumed kosher salt had lower blood pressure than children who didn't!

Salt is also beneficial in other ways. As it turns out, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and several other trace minerals are contained in almost all kinds of salt today. Not only that, but the various minerals are working well together to help keep the body healthy overall. So getting nutrients in Pink Himalayan salt to help fight high blood pressure may just be one of the best things you could possibly do.

Of course, one of the most important nutrients in pink Himalayan salt for fighting high blood pressure is sodium. Potassium is actually the mineral, which is responsible for salt's water solubility. When sodium and other trace minerals are combined with water it becomes sodium chloride. This substance is often used as a laxative and to lower blood pressure. By raising sodium levels in the body, however, can also increase the likelihood of developing kidney stones, which in turn increases your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Calcium is another one of those nutrients in pink Himalayan salts which is important for proper brain development and growth. As you may know, infants and young children need a lot of calcium in order to grow strong and healthy. As you likely know, as well, the quality of that calcium is very important, too. To make sure you are getting the proper amount of calcium in your diet, make sure you are buying Himalayan Pink Sea Salt that contains live sea salt. These sea salts have been tested by scientists and found to contain more nutrients in terms of calcium than do laboratory salts.

Magnesium is another one of those trace minerals we all need. This is why the benefits of this mineral are not often discussed as much as potassium and calcium. It has been found that salt with a higher concentration of magnesium will help reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. This is also true of potassium, calcium, and sodium. Potassium levels in the body can drop dangerously low if a person doesn't consume enough salt, so make sure you're eating plenty of foods rich in sodium.

Zinc plays an important role in fighting high blood pressure, too. In fact, it is said that a teaspoon of fine sand can carry up to seven grams of zinc. This mineral is found in many types of seafood, but you can also find it in pecans and walnuts. It also occurs naturally in zinc-fortified cereal.

If you're wondering what trace minerals and potassium are all about, just remember your doctor, they're the ingredients behind a good cup of coffee and a strong immune system. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and cut back on meats and dairy products to lower your risk for high blood pressure. Rich salt can help, too.