Video production is gradually emerging as the future of business marketing. No wonder then that 87% of online marketers use this form of content in their marketing. The effectiveness of this communication tool is evident in the fact that 92% of mobile internet users share what they're watching with others. 90% of consumers say they find advertising visuals very helpful in making purchase decisions.

Explainer Video Production  

With an explainer video, you can position your brand in an increasingly competitive online market. With Google's algorithm focusing more on the user experience, you need the content that entices visitors to stay longer on your website. This content is more affordable to make and have a very high ROI. They help you to get your point across in a few seconds, something you can not do with print advertising.

Video increases conversion rates, clarify the objective of the product, increase interest in your product, boost ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs), increase traffic to your website, liven your pitch and also grab target audience attention. They are easily sharable and will display your brand personality while at the same time build confidence in the brand.

Making the Best Explainer Video

If you are planning on this kind of production, you should speak with a video production company. These companies have professional staff with expertise and experience to create high-quality visuals to your marketing campaign.