Decorating a nursery is perhaps among the very exciting renovation jobs you can embark on, as you get ready for the coming of the latest addition to your family.

There are many things to keep in mind when planning your child's bedroom – here are some points.For more information about nursery renovation you can visit

 nursery renovation

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Wall colors: The very first thing many parents pick on when redoing a room in their house for their new baby is exactly what color to paint the walls. Lots of couples use the paint to give the space identity and reflect their child's character.

Alternatively, you can hire painters and decorators to add a neutral color to the bedroom. Popular colors include lotions or light caramel or java, as these can be teamed easily with white furniture and soft, cuddly teddy bears. 

Theme: If you would like the bedroom to be painted in a cappuccino color, you could purchase similar drapes, white-painted wooden furniture and also have a collection of soft teddy bears.

Alternately, if you want the idea of having something a bit more exciting for your child, you can paint the nursery a light blue and have an underwater theme, together with toy fish, a starfish-shaped night light and a rug in the form of a turtle or a sea creature.

There are many accessories you can buy for nurseries, so it's going to be simple to locate toys, lamps, blinds and furniture to match the theme you pick.