Ayahuasca … You may probably have heard about it. Spirit of wine, as it is called, has been traditionally used by herbalists Amazon for (at least) thousands of years.

Ayahuasca is usually consumed as a drink that has entheogenic features and has DMT (dimethyltryptamine molecule alias spirit). Now, with the global rise in advances, a profound spiritual effect of Ayahuasca is now attracting more and more Westerners.

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As with everything in life, Ayahuasca is unique to each person. And that's the beauty of it. Some people get a lot of visual and some get a better feeling; some had a difficult experience and some have an uplifting experience beyond their wildest dreams.

Ayahuasca provides a dynamic experience that delivers what you need, which is the next point. Along with being exclusive to every individual, Ayahuasca gives everyone what they need.

If you have major limiting beliefs about money, Ayahuasca will be overcome. If you are too ego-driven, Ayahuasca will put your self-esteem in its place.

Ayahuasca is most effective when you help from your side. Also, after the ceremony, it's up to you to carry the momentum into your everyday life.

Although Ayahuasca does a lot of work behind the scenes, it's also your responsibility to integrate your experience, out of the patterns that limit you and continue to develop into the best version of yourself.