Virtual Private Network is very useful in these days of high internet security. Basically what VPN allows you to do is to connect your computer to a separate server and then browse through that server. In this way, you are able to prevent yourself from anyone to see what you are doing or access your information.

There are many VPN services providers out there such as each with its own pros and cons. Here we will show you the best application of some VPN for you to enjoy complete anonymity.

How to stay anonymous online and browse the internet securely?

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TunnelBear VPN is a VPN service that is very simple to set up and use. In addition to this, these services have a good design of this app comes in both desktop and mobile devices. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Chromium operating system. TunnelBear also includes a browser extension for you if you want to use it in your browser. In addition, it has 256-bit encryption and no data you save. 


VyprVPN is a VPN service with a total focus on security. It gives you 500 megabits when you are trying to start. VyprVPN is an independent company with no connection to a third party. The service is strong, stable, and also offers a smart TV and router services to provide safe browsing for your entire home.

SecureLine VPN:

Before investing in VPN always use trial or free version to see if it suits your needs or not. You have to pay for access to safe and reliable services but do not worry because there is a 7-day trial so you can test the high-speed connection and browse anonymously before you pay. The secure line with IPSec technology makes you practically invisible.