The Annabelle doll is one of the highly acclaimed versions of the successful type of Baby Annabell doll and loved not only by a little girl but by collectors also.

The Baby Annabelle interactive doll is very cute and life-like. They are thick and warm enough to feel just like a baby and could be easily managed by a small girl of 3 and over. You may find the perfect annabelle haunted doll in Lake Oswego via the web.

annabelle haunted doll

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Annabelle happily absorbs on her dummy, drinks water out of a bottle, gurgles, and talks. When she has had a bottle, she will burp, sigh, shut her eyes and go to sleep.

She cries real wet tears if she wakes up abruptly. Her mummy can then speak to her in a soothing and she will turn her head to the voice she recognizes.

The doll will automatically switch off itself after a time if she's not reacted to and if it gets too much there's a button to change Annabelle off and on.

It is usually agreed that the Annabelle dolls are easy for a young child to work, understand and respond to correctly. Additionally, the appeal of this doll could be extended through the huge range of cute clothes and accessories that can buy.

The interactive doll particularly is not an inexpensive toy. And, choosing a trusted shop to buy the Baby Annabelle interactive doll is particularly important.