Four Travel Apps for a Stress-Free Vacation

There are many way to turn your phone to airplane mode. As the holidays coming closer, seasoned and unseasoned travelers alike are becoming reacquainted with the high stress levels and general chaos that comes with planning a long-distance trip. To get more details about daily meditation app you may check here

Four Travel Apps for a Stress-Free Vacation

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1. Hotel Tonight

Even when you make reservations weeks in advance, there's always that chance that something got mixed up or canceled, and you could get stuck calling every hotel in town to find a vacancy. Hotel Tonight is a relatively new app that offers last-minute hotel bookings at the best rate available.

2. Packing Pro

Before even thinking about transportation to Port Canaveral, you need to have your bags packed and ready for anything. The app has been featured on the Wall Street Journal, CNN, BBC and other highly-reputed publications. So what's all the fuss about? Packing Pro offers full cloud support, which means you can sync your travel plans to multiple devices.

3. Skype

Offering more than just a fun new way to chat with friends, Skype can be a lifesaver for overseas excursions, since you can contact anyone at home or abroad without racking up roaming fees. Simply add friends to your contact list to talk for free, or contact businesses, mobile phones and landlines for a low cost.

.4. Travelocity

For cruises, flights, transportation to Port Canaveral and more, Travelocity offers a one-stop shop for comparing prices and tailoring your search. You can even scan your credit card using your smart phone camera to quickly and conveniently make a purchase.