How To Market Music Online

If you're just starting out in the music business and feel like "you don't have a fan base," think again. You have family, friends, co-workers, classmates, former classmates, church members, and neighbors all around you. You can also get to know more about the fantastic marketing plan for music online.

If you sit down and start writing down the names of every person you've ever known in your life, you'll be very surprised how quickly that list grows without much effort. Don't underestimate the power of your friends, family, and immediate circle of acquaintances.

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Whether you are a performing musician or not, mailing out a printed newsletter to your fans twice a year is one more way to drive fans to your web site. Your newsletter is your key to getting inside the home of each of your fans on a semi-regular basis. While many suggest e-mail is a good, inexpensive substitute for postal mail, in reality, you should consider using both methods.

E-mail is too easy to discard and people change e-mail addresses all the time. Not only that, but not everyone has a permanent e-mail address or Internet access, and for those fans, your newsletter may be your only means of keeping in touch. For the fans that do have Internet access, your newsletter is a great way to stir up curiosity about your web site.

Your newsletter should include much of the same information as your web site: band photos, a performance schedule, product reviews, news, articles, contests, song lyrics, merchandise info and, of course, contact and booking information. The more your fans visit your web site, the more opportunities you will have to sell them your merchandise.