Applying Touchup Paint: Tips for Better Results

Maybe you have tried to fix some little rock chips and scratches on your car with the factory touch up paint but discovered that the paint was thick and blobby and at times the shade did not even suit? Here are a couple of methods for implementing touch up paint and achieving better results.

To begin with, don't use the brush that includes factory touch up paint. The size of the brush is much more suited to painting fingernails and toenails than it's for fixing minor paint damage on automobiles. Rather, go to a hobby shop and purchase some rather fine-tipped touch brushes up which amateurs use to paint model cars. If you are looking for good quality metallic paint then visit

Applying Touchup Paint: Tips for Better Results

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Shake your paint completely then dip among those fine-tipped touch brushes up in your jar or two of paint. Today with a steady hand contact the middle of the stone chip or the scrape. When it's a rock chip, then simply use the minimum quantity of pain required. Among the most frequent mistakes, individuals make when fixing rock chips is they use too much paint.

Another problem that causes individuals to get frustrated with their signature up work is they expect almost ideal outcomes. This can be possible with strong colors such as red black and white. It's possible to achieve quite good results using a fine-tipped touch brush up.

However, particular colors are incredibly tough to fix. You may surely enhance the chips and scrapes look from an immediate angle, but from different angles, you'll discover that the paint appears either lighter or darker. There's nothing which could be done about this.

So remember both of these simple things. To begin with, usage of very fine-tipped touches brushes up to do your bit up work. Second, in case you've got a mild metallic paint project set your expectations so. And one last tip: do not try to fix anything bigger than two inches in length. Beyond two inches, as a guideline, and it has to be put into a body shop.