Exclusive Lingerie – Teddies and Bodysuits

Teddies and bodysuits are very similar items of amazing lingerie. By definition, teddies combine a camisole top and panties into one garment. Bodysuits generally add to the arms and / or legs with teddy design basis.

Teddies have been part of fashion throughout the 20th century, although their design has changed dramatically throughout the year. Bodysuits is a new take on the original doll design. Teddies are now mainly used as amazing lingerie, while bodysuits can be stunning or functional and often both.

Early teddies, like most Leg Avenue lingerie earlier, more functional than decorative. Dolls are used primarily to provide full coverage under the clothes, and often resemble the combined upper and loose short sleeves, shorts full. Over the years, teddies began to appear in more luxurious fabrics and amazing as silk. Shorts gradually gets shorter and tighter and arm disappeared. Teddies are still useful under certain clothing styles, but now only teddies are generally available.

Bodysuits are now sold for various purposes. A stretchy bodysuit is basically a one-piece outfit with arms and / or legs. A possible bodysuit snap crotch, while teddies are generally designed to be derived from the shoulder when needed. Bodysuits garments outerwear is popular in the 1980s and is still popular among gymnasts and other fitness enthusiasts as well as women who enjoy the view. However, bodysuits are also widely available as an item of lingerie.

Amazing teddies and bodysuits are generally made of stretchy, sheer or semi-sheer fabric. Choosing bodysuits are known as bodystockings often made from pantyhose. Some teddies and bodysuits can be worn as outerwear clothing, especially jackets, but their primary function is as lingerie.

Fishnet Bodystocking Styles and Colors

Lingerie is worn by women from all walks of life. One type of clothing that has increased in popularity is body stockings. This lingerie is a combination of stockings or pantyhose and unitary or catsuit. While stocking and pantyhose made for only worn on the thigh and leg, Bodystocking placed on the entire body. 

Bodystockings are classified into two main types, opaque and sheer. Type opaque as the name suggests is designed to cover the body and is usually used as regular clothing, even though at times, it can double as a unitary. You can read more to get more information about fishnet body stockings and dresses.


 Mere types, on the other hand, are for women who are more daring because it reveals a lot of skin. This is due to a variety of styles, colors, and materials provide as follows:

1) Cut: The mesh Bodystocking good can only cover the torso or together with the rest of the arms, thighs, legs, and even feet as well. They are covering then the body is used as your typical clothing, which can also help the body shape or provide an additional source of insulation for cold days. They were covered arm paired with other items of clothing such as turtlenecks for a layered look. 

2) Style: The wide variety of styles provided by the mesh Bodystocking varied and can suit different personality types. If you are more daring and bored with plain, you can go with Bodystocking printed. For more femininity in your lingerie, embroidery Bodystocking will serve your needs. You can also choose from the more conventional kind of like a cross, bust open, open ass, thong, crotchless, and many others. In terms of color, you will be provided with a variety of colors from red over more politely flirting with common white to black.