How to Prevent Hair Loss?


We tend to freak out as soon as we see our hair falling on the floor. Moreover, freaking out in such a situation only makes it worse. Instead of freaking out, there are ways to avoid the prevention of hair loss. However, hair fall for few is natural due to genetics. These are a few helpful tips to follow when it comes to preventing hair loss.

  1. Go on a Diet – Going on a diet does not necessarily mean that you have to keep eating boring foods. Researchers believe that eating a healthy diet comprising of proteins and vegetables helps to get rid of hair loss on a permanent basis.
  2. Apply Olive Oil – One of the effective ways of preventing hair loss and dryness is to apply olive oil on the hair. Applying olive oil is known to reduce the rate of hair loss especially if its due to genetics. A great tip is to apply olive oil before washing at least 30minutes prior.
  3. Apply Coconut Oil – Another great way of preventing hair loss is to apply coconut oil on the hair. This oil helps in binding the hair proteins which offers strength and protection to the strand and root. Additionally, coconut oil reduces the impact of UV-light on the hair directly. 
  4. Get a Massage – A great way to prevent hair loss in men and women is to get a head massage. It is recommended to get a massage from a professional.

You can also prevent less hair fall by doing soft keratin treatment at home.