Advantages of Closed and Open Cell Foam Insulation


Before heading over to the advantages between open and closed-cell foam insulation, you need to understand the fact that they are different from one another. For instance; the R-Value of closed-cell foam insulation is higher than the other. Moreover, having 2 different R-Values means both are capable of offering their own set of advantages which can be difficult to choose between the 2. Let’s understand some of its advantages.

  1. Advantages Offered by Closed Cell Foam Insulation – Insulation work that requires to be done in tight spaces are difficult and that is why closed cell foam insulation is used for this purpose. Based on higher R-Value, insulation work can be carried out in commercial houses with the help of closed cell foam insulation. Moreover, this type of insulation works wonders due to the capability of acting as a barrier to vapor making it difficult for water and moisture from entering the structure.
  2. Advantages Offered by Open Cell Foam Insulation –If insulation work involves reaching difficult places such as the nooks and crannies of a house, then open cell foam insulation is probably best suited. This type of insulation has a special ability which is to expand that cannot be achieved by closed cell foam insulation. Due to which it makes it more affordable however, one needs to be careful choosing the one carefully. Both depend on the conditions of the weather to be used.

These are some of the advantages of open and closed-cell foam insulation. Cell insulation must be carefully chosen depending on your region and its weather.

How to Save Energy After Getting the House Insulated?


Insulation is all about saving money on the energy bills of every month. Moreover, insulation is also about saving our environment in order to live a better life. Insulation work is usually one should avoid doing it on your own and instead best to call a professional. Doing this will help you to save money, experience a comfortable stay, reduce the noise level and more.

The Importance of House Insulation – The physics behind house insulation is due to the constant movement of heat from warm to cool place. During the movement, the heat usually tries to escape outside on its own or via the exterior wall of the house. And once the heat is lost, the house experiences warm during the summer and colder during the winter. Therefore, insulation is important in order to trap the heat with the help of R-Value (flow of heat). The concept of R-value is simple, the higher the value more air tends to stay inside the house where the consumption gets saved.

Insulation also Helps in Reducing the Level of Air Leakage – In order to reduce the level of air leakage, it is best to insulate the basement and attic of your homes. This will eventually result in saving money when it comes to keeping the house warm or cold. Moreover, older houses can also benefit in doing this where the levels of carbon getting emitted goes down significantly.

This is how you will be saving energy on getting your house insulated. You can use  foam cell insulation by getting it installed from a professional.