Infrared Body Wrap System

Infrared Body Wrap systems use infrared therapy and two wavelengths of infrared, short wave and long wave. Using both long and short wave will enable the treatment of these systems to provide the best results of infrared therapy.

The heat generated by the infrared wraps causes thermo-lipolysis occurs. Thermo-Lipolysis is the process of using infrared heat to break down fat cells stored in the body. You can easily get the infrared body wraps for detox & weight loss.

This fat is then released back into the bloodstream and are metabolized and removed from the body through urine. The benefits of this process are to improve the appearance of cellulite and to help decrease inch, body contouring and weight loss potential.

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The heat generated by the infrared body wrap also causes the body to sweat. Toxins released from the body with sweat, and therefore cause the skin feel smoother. People have reported that their skin feels silky smooth after just a few treatments.

To realize the true benefit, you have to use this system for at least four to six sessions and then two sessions per week thereafter.

No, this system has a silicone pads that wrap around the thighs, hips, abdomen and arms. Top class systems also have a bearing on the chin and back. By putting this bearing directly on this particular area, you will directly target these areas and will receive the best benefits from the system as possible.