Is Your Child A Thumb Sucker? Here Is What You Must Do To Prevent It

Thumb sucking is a remarkable habit in most children. Thumb sucking can have benefits until the six months age. But beyond this period, it can lead to serious dental problems and impact on health in general. Breathing irregularities in the alignment of the teeth, thumb sucking can cause a lot of hell difficulties for your child in his later years.

Here are some of the long-term consequences that your child may have to face later in life. You can use the world’s #1 thumb and finger sucking resource to save your child from these consequences 

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  • Airways may shrink

  • jaw of your child can restrict

  • Changes in respiratory rate

  • Poor alignment of teeth

  • Problem in swallowing food

  • Speech disorders

  • Shape of face changes

  • Ways to stop thumb Sucking-

If your kid is doing thumb sucking even after six months of age it is a warning sign for you to take immediate action to stop the practice. We have listed some proven techniques that can prevent addiction thumb sucking:

Start prevent your child at an early stage.

  • Introduce your child to a difficult supply immediately after the end of six months.

  • Hold your child's hand when they have the urge to thumb sucking 

  • Tell your child about the side effects of thumb sucking

  • Encourage your child to do an exercise program at home that helps in oral functioning

  • Keep your child's handheld him by getting Engaged in activities such as painting, clay, and poetry

  • Put a bandage or a glove on his finger the night during sleep