Qualifications Needed To Be An Electrician

There are several different types of electricians. We are talking about those who design and work on electrical systems. With an ever-rising population and more gadgets drawing electrical power the possibilities of electrically powered cars, employment prospects for a qualified electrician have never been better.

New laws are being passed by the government to safeguard people and properties against the harm that electricity can do. This means the requirement for qualified electricians is set to improve even further in the near future. So, this is a great time to obtain proper qualifications to be an electrician and begin a profitable profession within the field of electricity.

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Work Overview:

Electricians can work with electrical companies or be self-employed. The type of job that you can perform depends greatly on the training and knowledge you have.

The scope of the job varies from the installation of complex electrical systems in buildings to simple maintenance and electrical repairs in homes. Qualified electricians can work alone or be a member of a team. They also work both outdoors and indoors.

Becoming qualified to be an electrician:

Should you want to be a certified electrician in the UK, the initial thing to do is to enroll in an electrical apprenticeship program. In order to be accepted, you will need to possess the following requirements:

A General Certificate of Education in English, Science, and Maths at grade C or higher level. The skill to read and understand technical blueprints will certainly be a plus factor. After completion of this entry-level, the advanced apprenticeship program is next.