What Points To Keep In Mind While Installing CNG Kit In Your Car?

As the fuel prices are increasing every passing day, more and more vehicle owners are now thinking of switching to alternative fuels like CNG. If you are looking for CNG conversion kit fitment Centre in Chandigarh, then some points must be kept in mind while installing the CNG kit in the car.

  1. Check whether the kit you are going to install in your car is compatible with the engine of your car or not.
  2. Don’t forget to ask the CNG kit service provider about the warranty of kit and whether they are providing the government-approved kit or not.
  3. Check all the spare parts if they are well-tested and certified or not. If you are going to convert your car from petrol to CNG, don’t forget to ask the quality and standard of the cylinder which is going to be installed in the kit.
  4. The best CNG conversion kit fitment Centre provides free of cost maintenance for a limited period after installation of the kit. Don’t forget to confirm this from your CNG dealer.
  5. There are two types of kits available for different models of car. If you want to install a sequential kit or closed-loop kit, then check the computability with your vehicle engine.

These all are necessary points that must be taken care of before installing the CNG kit in your car.