Fun for the Kids in Canggu


Other than the beach, Canggu also has a few amusement parks and recreational centers for kids and teens to hang out and enjoy. Finns Recreational Club is a distinguished hub in Canggu with multiple entertainment spots and sports facilities including tennis court, strike bowling, waterpark, spa center, a legit gymnasium, kids club, and trampoline-bounce ball centers. If you're there for a long vacation in Bali you can also take a membership pass at the Finns giving you access to the pool, gym, splash waterpark, and basketball.

The Splash Waterpark is a famous waterpark with multiple pools and slides for both kids and adults. The Giant Racer which is a 90metre long slide accommodates four people at one go, this is for the older kids and for the younger ones there's the Speed Racer. If you find straight lines boring then there's the Super Bowl that'll send you spinning round and round in a giant bowl before shooting you out into a pool of water. 

One of the very famous rides is the Big Red which is a five-story high structure that shoots you on a joyride through rolling curves and tunnels. There also is a Splash Playground for toddlers with mini slides, water lagoons, and forts with cannons of water.

As the day comes to an end you can chill out at Splash bar and dining where they serve some great junk food especially pizzas, burgers, and fries. You can rent a few sun loungers and lie down and relax after an exciting day. 

These are some things you might consider doing whilst travelling to Canggu Bali and do stay at a Canggu hostel in Bali to have a great and inexpensive time.