What Is A rumen bypass fat?

Feeding supplements cut the fat for high yielders during  advance pregnancy and early lactation help in minimizing the energy shortage. This in turn will help in improving milk production and reproduction. 

Rumen bypass fats are basically dry fats processed to be readily managed and blended into all animal feeds. Since fatty fats normally have high melting points, they are largely insoluble at rumen body temperature.

best bypass fat for dairy cows

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The use of bypass fat in the diet should cut dairy animals for 10 days before and 90 days after birth. It can be equipped in animal rations of milk @ 15-20 g per kg of milk production or 100 -150 g per animal per day. 

Extensive research suggests reducing the digestibility of fat most closely associated with high stearic acid content. vegetable oils, including palm fatty acid salts, have levels much lower acid stearic from animal fat or fat cut from fat.

To assure obtain the greatest economic value of bypass fat, nutrient factors must be considered in this order: Digestibility, fatty acids or  Palatability.

The benefits of eating bypass fat is:

-Increase milk production peak and persistency of lactation.

-Improving reproductive efficiency after giving birth

-Reduce metabolic disorders such as ketosis, acidosis and milk fever.

-improve productivity and the productive life of the animals