Basic Dog Training – Dog Personalities

Just like people, dogs come in a number of personalities. Some of these personalities are benign and even charming while other personality traits can be somewhat frightening.

Often, the personality of the dog is taken into consideration during the basic dog training period. You can get your online dog obedience training for your puppy .

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This way, positive traits can be expanded upon and negative traits can (hopefully) be curtailed. But, what is the most common dog personality traits? There are quite a few and here are the most common:

If this is so, then you may have a dog that owns an aggressive character. Here is the least desirable character trait one might wish to get in anything aside from an attack dog.

Too aggressive dogs are normally those which are most frequently surrendered by their owners. That is the reason why it's necessary to get dog training to change dog behavior.

If this is so, then you've got a puppy that's the opposite of a competitive dog. This dog could be thought of as a social dog. This is the sort of job that's extremely friendly and adorable. Fairly often, these kinds of dogs are those which most men and women believe are the most comfortable.

The fearful dog is the sort of dog which has likely suffered from misuse. These dogs require some time to come about and know their new owner is their buddy. Each character is unique and distinctive. You simply have to find one which is the ideal fit for you.