They say an ounce of prevention costs a pound of light, and when it comes to your brakes, it must be true. Whether it's a disc or a drum, this device is responsible for stopping thousands of pounds of fast-moving metal every time you hit the brake pedal. As a result, they are bound to wear out – it's only a matter of time. 

To avoid expensive brake maintenance costs, pay attention to the following warning signs.

Bad Vibes:

If the pedals, steering wheel, or your entire vehicle vibrates or shakes when you stop, your rotors may become distorted and need to be replaced or need brake services. Alternatively, they are potentially recoverable, which can significantly reduce brake maintenance costs.

4 Signs You Need Brake Service or Brake Repair - The Car Doctor Blog

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Strange Noises:

Since they absorb a large amount of energy, it is not uncommon for the brakes to make some noise from time to time. However, if the device squeaks, screams, or creaks constantly, it may need an adjustment or replacement. Grinding sounds are of particular concern because they often indicate that the brake pads are worn and need to be stopped as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the rotors can suffer permanent damage, which is much more expensive than brake pads.

The Diving Pedal:

If your foot brake doesn't feel stable when you press it, or if it falls to the floor when you stop it completely, there is a chance that fluid will leak and your hydraulic system will lose the pressure needed to keep it running properly. There is also a chance that your master cylinder is worn or leaking and may need to be replaced. In both cases, the problem requires the immediate attention of a brake service specialist.