The key to an awesome smoky eye is blending. So once you’re comfortable with this trick, there’s an easy way to improve your blending skills by adding color.

Here we discuss some steps for a perfect Smokey eye look. You can also look for the easy steps for Smokey eyes via

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Step 1. Prepare the eyelids. To prevent the make-up from melting down, prep the eyes with a primer.

Step 2. Apply eyeliner. Start with an eyeliner that is similar in color to the way your eyes look. Example: if you want black, brown, or gray eyes, use the correct color eyeliner. Make sure the center has a thicker line as you line the lid.

Step 3. Blend the color on the lower lashes. The key to smoky eyes is mixing and smearing. Use a lighter eyeliner for the lower lashes or use a lighter color for the shadows.

Step 4. To get the final smoky eye, this step should not be neglected. Apply a light base color! Combining a lighter color with a darker color will give you the look you want. Sprinkle a thin primer on the eyelids up to the browbones.

It is best to have a light base with a shine. Then mix it with a darker color and hold the crease. Starting from the lash line, wash your lids with dark eyeshadow and work your way up.