People are often hesitant to use wallpaper in bathrooms, so instead of having the wallpaper they desire, they opt for a simple paint job. Using black and white peel and stick wallpaper in a bathroom adds a finishing touch and allows you to personalize your space. Today’s post will look at some of our creative designs and help you select the most amazing bathroom wallpaper.

    1. Black glitter tile wallpaper

Let’s start with a traditional tile design. This black glitter tile wallpaper provides you the look of a bathroom tile without the trouble and complexities of wall tiling. With its versatile design that works with various décors, the extra washable and durable vinyl wallpaper is ideal for use in a bathroom. For a stylish and contemporary look, the design incorporates a repeating tile effect infused with silver glitter particles.

    2. Bathroom Wallpaper with White Glitter Tiles

It is a different colorway from the last wallpaper, and grey and aqua versions are also available. With its rough surface and grey grouting, the design, like its contemporaries, replicates ceramic tiling, providing a natural tile look. Don’t waste hours attempting to tile your wall when this simple to hang design, with a straight match pattern, may completely change your space without the trouble and mess that tiling entails.

    3. Teal Bathroom Tiling on a Roll

Two sheets with a more simple design are seen above. If you’re searching for something with a little more flair, this teal tiling on a roll could be what you’re looking for it. This design offers a mesmerizing and attractive finish to a bathroom with a repeating pattern of oblong shapes in varying white and teal blue colors. Some of the tiles have been imbued with beautiful silver glitter for a more modern vibe.

    4. Wallpaper with Stone Trellis

Why not go for a more odd design for something a bit different? A softly textured stone backdrop is topped with an attractive metallic trellis design on this paper. The paper is embossed for a realistic tile impression, and a few of the trellis tiles are filled with delicate glitter particles. Like the pattern above, the wallpaper is washable and has high light fastness, making it suitable for use in a bathroom.

    5. Bathroom Wallpaper with a Slate Tile Effect

This modern slate tile effect wallpaper has a gorgeous textured surface and exquisite shading for a genuine depth and slate feel. The design is printed on cushioned vinyl paper that is also rated highly washable for use in bathrooms for added quality and longevity. This pattern is available in two grey tones and will blend nicely with most current decors.

    6. Using a Roll for Tiling Wallpaper with Chevron Tiles

This pattern is available in four lovely colorways, three seen here. This mesmerizing mismatch tile effect wallpaper will give your bathroom a pop of color and make it the center of attention in your house. The colorful artwork is printed on gently textured paper and sprinkled with delicate glitter particles for extra impact.


Using a black and white peel and stick wallpaperin your bathroom, whether you choose a classic white tile design or a bold and colorful pattern, can not only save you time, mess, and money, but it can also give your home a more personalized touch.  Check out our peel and stick wallpaper black and white selection at Others will regret their non-wallpaper selections after seeing how easy it is to apply the bathroom solution, which will offer you a significant and trendy room change.