Challenges in rural marketing:

Although rural marketing has great untapped potential, there are some weaknesses that prevent marketers from exploring these areas. The main challenges facing the development of rural marketing are:

Dual brand: Buyers in the village are very concerned about price. This cost sensitivity leads to the consumption of duplicate brands that are easily available at affordable prices.

Low literacy: Due to low literacy rates in rural India, spreading brand awareness among villagers is a very difficult task. To get marketing services you can also opt for rural marketing services in India

Language change: This country has so many dialects and languages. Not all farmers understand Hindi or English. So it will be very difficult to make ads in all national languages.

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Lack of transportation: Infrastructure of villagers is inadequate and traders find it difficult to maintain a product distribution system effectively.

Seasonal demand: The rainy season is the main harvest season in India and demand is currently at its peak. Seasonal products are also difficult for retailers to deliver, so they do not do business outside rural areas.

Physical distribution is difficult because of the high cost and lack of retail stores. Molasses and marketing vehicles that hate in rural areas could be better sales channels, with rural consumers preferring to "touch and experience".

In rural markets, consumer behavior is largely influenced by habits and traditions. The highest illiteracy rates and lack of exposure to more traditional media practices contribute to this problem.

Therefore, the admix must be personalized and contain other alternative forms such as street games, murals, posters, etc.