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I visited my friend Dave the other day for lunch. I noticed that he had new blinds in the lounge room. They looked pretty nice and seemed to keep the sun out of the room. Dave said these types of blinds were called Roman blinds. He asked me to guess where they originate from, he was being sarcastic of course. I really liked the look of these Roman blinds and the way that the sun was not completely blacked out of the room. I nice amount of light was shining through the sheer fabric used for the blinds. This made me think about how the blinds were invented. So I did some digging and came up with this interesting information about Roman blinds. 

Roman civilisation came out of the city of Rome in the 5th century AD. Roman blinds were invented as a need to reduce the amount of dust and sunlight entering peoples homes. They may have had window coverings, but not ones that you could manually adjust up and down. As you can imagine, the Romans didn't have cars or scooters back then. They didn't have bitumen roads. The homes in the urban areas were made of dirt. The Romans used horses as transport, so this meant that lots of dust would come up off the roads as they travelled past an open window, The Roman blinds were invented out of functionality, not fashion. 

The Romans used locally made fabrics and textiles for these blinds. back then, the types of fabrics were wool and linen. The first Roman blinds would have been used out of these types of materials. Cotton and silk were also available but they were imported from Asian countries. 

Today, Roman blinds can be seen all over the world. All types of fabrics are specially designed to cover the blinds. There is sunscreen, blackout and translucent fabrics, along with pretty patterns and block colours in all types of textile choices. Roman blinds add a relaxed feel to any room. Nowadays you can go online and browse for Roman blinds in your local area. Most blinds manufacturers provide a quote. 

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