Playa del Carmen is one of the four Caribbean getaways in Riviera Maya. It is favorite because of its white sand beaches and blue waters.

It is the ideal escape for families and couples. Moreover, It is a great spot to escape from the hectic city life. An individual would observe relaxing panoramic views like, the archaeological sites and avail of these services and comforts of hotels and villages. 

Everything you could do in Playa del Carmen Riviera are snorkeling, scuba diving, and cenote diving, which is often called submerged cave diving. But riviera maya cenote diving is best among all.

riviera maya cenote diving

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Tourism at Playa del Carmen Riviera

What was a fishing community, Playa del Carmen's tourism began with a ferry service to Cozumel. The Riviera is a relaxing spot to escape in the city of Cancun and can be ideal for scuba diving and water exploration. It is one of those excellent white beaches in Riviera Maya.

Playa, as it is popularly known, is the heart of what Riviera Maya is about. Its place runs from the southern portion of Cancun to Tulum. Additionally, it has the Sian Ka'an reserve. The region in del Carmen Riviera is where many cruise ships ceases, docking in the Calica docking port situated south of town.

Besides its wonderful beaches as well as the vents of cruise ships, Playa additionally sets its tourists actions in the Fifth Avenue, and it will be a road from calle 1 to calle 34. This is a location that provides fun and life into the city of Playa. Here, vacationers could observe different stores, restaurants, bars, boutiques, and resorts.