The printing process was quite hectic and time consuming in the past. You had to get your product designed by a professional graphic designer, after finalizing you had to go look for a printing company where you can get it printed. The press took many days to complete the print job. The printing was not only hectic but was also quite expensive. 

The printing became very easy and user friendly when online printing solution companies came into existence. The online printing companies not only made the printing process easy by using high technology and advanced printing equipment, but also introduced cheap printing without compromising on the quality.

They made it possible, using the latest automatic printing equipment and minimal use of manpower. This helped in reducing production costs and making printing a very economical task for everyone.

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The Envelope printing started a long time ago. Handmade envelopes were the only envelopes available on the market before. The online printing companies introduced many new types of envelopes. They offered the fully customized envelopes in all shapes, colors and sizes according to the customer requirements.

Another printing product in high demand is the business card. These are the printed cards used for professional introduction. The online printing companies have introduced many new types of cards including embossed cards.

These special cards have the logo or company name embossed on them with the help of a special machine. The embossed business cards add value to the image of your company and act as a great source of advertising for your company.

The printing process has changed enormously in recent years and online printing is serving the best quality prints every time.