Metal fabrication is the art of transforming one form of metal into another and is used in arts and crafts, jewelry, and heavier applications, for instance, building staircases, metal railings, balconies, and so on.

In ancient times metal fabrication was used for non-decorative purposes, for example, making tools and weapons. Scientists refer to the techniques used in fabrication processes as metallurgy.

Metals come from the earth in the form of ores. Typically iron and steel are used to make cars, trucks, and airplanes whilst gold and silver are used in electronic circuitry.

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Metal fabrication to this day remains a high in-demand trade and there are many colleges and apprenticeships that provide training in this area.

A number of techniques are used in the fabrication process including sawing, shearing, chiseling, and hammering for bending. Welding, adhesives, fasteners, and riveting are most commonly used for joining and binding metal pieces together. Welding remains the most used technique for steel fabrication, where the formed or machined parts are assembled and welded into place.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom sheet metal fabrication is commonly used in the ventilation, air conditioning, and heating industries. With the help of computer-aided plasma cutting and computerized layout techniques, shops can fabricate one part or thousands of identical parts required to build the most efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

One of the most common ways of cutting metal is by shearing using special band saws designed for the purpose with extra hard blades and a mechanism for even cutting. Types of saws used include cut-off saws or chop saws, and miter saws Very large sections of steel can be cut using torches.