Immigrant visas allow foreigners to immigrate to the UK residence and employment without limitations that exist for owners of non-immigrant visas. With this status, immigrants become UK and they are guaranteed a citizenship.

Under the requirement that they demonstrate their compliance with certain categories of work visas. Immigrant visas are issued on the basis of family ties, employment, housing or lottery win of the citizenship. The Push Legal Service helps you to get the Immigrant visa for UK.

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Status of immigration visa and types

• Family Based

Immigrants who are members of the immediate family who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States have the opportunity to obtain a document from family-based immigrants. These family members include spouses, unmarried children under age 21 or parents. The husband called an IR-1, children's IR-2 and parents of US citizens require a visa IR-5. Dealing IR-3 with internationally adopted orphans and IR-4 visa on orphans to be adopted.

• Family Preference

Perhaps received by family members of American citizens. These family members include unmarried children to the minimum age of 21 years and married children of any age, as well as brothers and sisters of US citizens. Unmarried children refer to the Visa family first preference (F-1 visa), married children refer to the Visa family preferably third (visa F-3), brothers and sisters refer to the Visa family preferably Fourth (visa F-4).