Emotional Intelligence, in its heart, is your ability to understand our emotions, understand the emotions of others and express our emotions. Focusing on understanding our emotions – we wish to know about what we're feeling in real-time.

We would like to understand our emotions in the present so that we could handle ourselves; for instance, diffusing our anger until we burst, or acknowledging our stress until we're overwhelmed and burnout. There are many mood meter apps available. To know more benefits of mood meter app visit https://funfunlands.com/.

As you can see, it's a simple procedure. A simple process that nurtures our Emotional Intelligence in four key ways:

Using the App encourages us to examine our present emotions. This habit urges us to check in with ourselves and ask,' is this where I wish to be?'

The app displays 100 feelings, which enables us to describe what we're feeling with much more depth and precision than we might otherwise have the ability to accomplish.

The app helps us recognize our routines, showing us why we might have felt a particular way. This allows us to correct these trends over time.

The last step in the process is a superb nudge, reminding us that we have the capacity to change our situation. Ironically, I don't find their ideas incredibly useful, but the question itself is brilliant as it urges us to take control of ourselves.