First, use a toy doll to develop a child's sense of touch. As a parent, you need to know that toys made of different materials have different senses of touch. As they touch these different toys from small to small hands, they can gradually experience more and more new things in their daily life. In addition, stuffed toys make children feel comfortable when touched and are therefore more likely to use their hands to explore the outside world around them.

Parents welcome to the unimaginable world of jumbo and mega surprise mystery boxes! These boxes are full of mysterious capsule toys, mouthwatering candy, awesome tattoos, universe painting boards, fluffy plush figurines, high-bounce marble balls, jumbo size bubblegum, exciting planet crossword games, delicious lollipops, and other incredible mystery surprises.

JUMBO Surprise Mystery Box - Planet Games

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Apart from this, parents can use colored building blocks and even plastic bottles as children's toys. When playing with this toy, they can catch it by hand while performing all kinds of actions, including dropping, grasping, and other movements to improve hand-eye coordination. When playing with plastic bottles, children were asked to put toys of different shapes in different bottles. This can improve the child's ability to solve problems.

Therefore, buy toys that can produce melodic music when played. Research has shown that children are more sensitive to noise, especially melodic music. They can develop skills to interact with the environment, while children's ability to be creative and resourceful can be developed through the auditory music process.