Many organizations require that their employees must be good at handling, managing and organizing work along with data. Office 365 is an updated service of Microsoft Office, that allows you to store and manage data on either on-premise server or cloud server. With the help of this many organizations are working smoothly without missing on anything and with utmost clarity. There are such organizations that are specifically taking Office 365 consulting by in order to train their employees regarding it and then adapt in their organization.

Office 365 is not just that normal Microsoft Office service, its features are commendable and must be used. I would like to highlight the key features to Microsoft Office 364:

– Easy Communication: With Office 365 you can communicate with your colleagues easily. Office 365 is compatible on all the devices so you can easily log in to Office 365 and start your communication. Also it allows you either communicate through text or send an audio/visual message.

– Planner & WorkFlow: With the help of this feature you can create an online workflow, wherein you can assign the individual tasks and get your work organized. Whenever the first individual assigned to complete one task will finish it, the next task will automatically get assigned to the person responsible for it and so on. And with the help of ths one can easily do remote work monitoring from home as well.

– Clutter Inbox: You usually receive every kind of email. The clutter feature of Office 365 is designed in such a way that it automatically shows high priority emails first and then low priority emails.

– Resume Reading: You might receive big documents to read and sometimes those 30-40 pager documents are important to read. In such cases that you might not miss on any point resume reader feature can help you. With a resume reader you can easily close the document and resume reading again whenever you get time. This will automatically redirect you to the page you left reading, once you open it again.

These key features of Office 365 are actually very helpful and make the workflow easy for anyone. There are more features as well and you can get the complete information online or with the help of a consultant. That is the reason why many organizations want to invest in it and stay ahead in terms of saving extra hard work, time and labor.