If you want to have a saltwater aquarium, you need to learn how to make its inhabitants happy or they will die of stress-related illnesses. Some fish are easier to keep than others because they are well adapted in captivity.

Others are not suitable for inexperienced aquarium owners and are best avoided. No one should put dangerous fish in their aquarium unless they are a qualified expert living in a home without pets or children. Piranhas, electric eels, and catfish are just a few varieties to avoid. You can also buy red sea salt through various online sources.

Sea bass is very popular for custom tanks because it is so beautiful. They are relatively easy to care for and the biggest problem is their potential size. They also eat smaller fish, so be careful who you bring them with.

Lionfish are very attractive to look at, but they must be handled with care as their sharp spines can cause serious injuries. These fish usually require live food.

So if you can't do it every day, you may want to buy feed that has been trained to eat dead feed. If you like sea bass, put this fish in a smaller fish tank, the latter will be like dinner.

Some fish in saltwater tanks like to be buried in sand, so they shouldn't be in your tank unless you have sand. This includes jawed fish, which love to dig in the sand but are also known to jump out of tanks when the lid is not secure!

One of the main problems with marine aquariums is the fact that the fish are intended for the deep sea and therefore their natural protection can be fatal in captivity.

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