Do you know every year Americans spend $33 billion on weight-loss products and service? Yes, it is a fact that people suffering from excess weight try everything that they even hear off. You can transform your body into the desired shape with slight changes in your lifestyle. The prime thing is to eat clean and healthy foods. How can you expect a fit body with eating unhealthy foods that contain a high amount of cholesterol, fats and tons of calories? Only beverages we use in our routine life add 800 to 1000 calories to the body. Juices are the best alternate for artificially caffeinated beverages. Juices are an ideal way to cleanse the intestinal wall, reduce Basil Metabolic Rate and nutrients in food. Best Metabolic Rate (BMR) determines the calorie amount burned while the body is in a rest state. If you want to use juices as a weight-loss source then it is important to select the ones with rich natural vitamins and minerals. Slimvance reviews prove that you quickly lose unwanted body fat and weight within weeks.

Fruits with negative calories are the best option for weight loss juice. A negative calories fruit takes maximum calories to burn than their calorie content. They also contain enzymes that are important for digestion. Apples, watermelon, mango, papayas, grapes, oranges, lemons, cranberries, grapes, pineapples, tangerines, strawberries, blueberries, peach, honeydew, raspberries, turnip, tomato, cantaloupe, and grapefruits are few negative caloric fruits. Here are some juices that can help you in achieving weight loss

1. Watermelon Juice

This water-rich fruit has numerous nutritional benefits that work best for weight loss. Watermelon also helps to maintain weight. To make juice, take one inch freshly peeled ginger, cubed cantaloupe and two cups of cubed watermelon. Put these things in a mixer and enjoy fresh and tasty juice.

2. Strawberry Smoothie

Take one and a half cup of strawberries and mix it in a blender. Squeeze two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Strawberry smoothie is ready to serve with eye-catching appearance.

3. Papaya Juice

Papaya is one of the best fruits to boost up the red blood cell production in the body. Take 5 pitted dates, medium-size papaya, and a red apple. Blend the ingredient well and papaya juice is ready to serve.

4. Carrot Juice

Carrot is another multi-beneficial fruit for health. Take one stalk of celery, four large carrots, one apple and a handful of spinach. Mix these ingredients in a blender. Adding cayenne pepper can make it even more effective for weight loss.

5. Mix Juice

Blend a couple of apples with two carrots and one sweet potato. Now add a pinch of dulse powder and decorate mix juice with Spanish onion.

6. Add-ons

Adding a few fat-burning species and herb will improve the effectiveness of these weight loss juices. Ginger, Cinnamon and cayenne pepper are three of the best fat burning species.

Cinnamon– Cinnamon regulates the blood sugar level and maintains food carvings which result in less eating.

Cayenne Pepper– It adds spice to the taste and aids to burn fat in juice recipe. This pepper along with few other hot species improves body metabolism for at least 3-4 fours.

Ginger– Ginger also helps to lose weight by boosting metabolism. Besides weight loss ability, ginger works best to relieve inflammation and joint pain.