Why are grammar check software applications very popular these days? If you have noticed, there is a sudden boom of these applications being distributed in the World Wide Web. Although learning this language is not at all a new occurrence, English learning is reaching unreachable heights – and at an unbelievable pace, at that.

Apparently, English is now the lingua franca of most global business, legal houses, and is even prevalent in the medical field and scientific research. Countries that have formerly chosen to deal in their native tongue are now looking at English as a way of bringing their businesses to the worldwide markets. And this has also given rise to many small-time entrepreneurs who earn more than just decent incomes by teaching English to willing learners.

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However, there are certain drawbacks to learning English under the tutelage of an instructor. One: you need to synchronize your time with that of your virtual tutor, or enroll in formal classes; and that is a luxury that many of us do not have anymore.

Two: there are also lots of expenses to cover. Aside from the instructor's fees, school fees, etc. you have to buy the necessary books or hardware or software as well. In cases where communicating with a virtual instructor is necessary, you may need to upgrade or change your internet service provider in order to keep pace with the lessons at hand. Speaking of which, lessons are usually designated by level. So there is really no way of moving ahead or slowing down certain topics.