Can you feel depressed or down recently?  Would you need to get motivated by the love of God? Then there's one thing you need to do: choose the Bible and examine different passages. Here are some ways on how you can cure yourself with Bible verses otherwise:

Find a quiet spot to read the Bible verses:  You cannot truly read and absorb the concept of the Bible verses if you're distracted by something else.  You want to locate a quiet location, possibly in your bedroom, or perhaps at your office cubicle until the remainder of your colleagues arrive. You can get more information about bible facts and statistics via online sources.

Relax and meditate:  To make it simpler for you to consume the message, it's perfect if you're in an extremely relaxed condition or meditation. This usually means you've got to eliminate any clutter on your thoughts. If you're having trouble doing this, you may speak about affirmations or unread messages before you begin reading.  

Using the Bible against LGBTQ+ people is an abuse of scripture

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Pick the Scriptures: There are a number of verses from the Bible, and they're normally categorized based on their theme.  Some talk of love, the other's hope, strength, and the quantity of sacrifice. If you don't have it, then you may download the manual directly on the internet.

Write down your ideas: You have to meditate on the Word of God and determine how they influence your life.  It is possible to write down your ideas and feelings in a diary. Journal may also function as a souvenir, once you've been able to rise above the challenges you face now.

It's thus crucial you could make reading an assortment of recovery Bible verses as a custom.  By doing so your subconscious mind will have the ability to pick them up, and you'll never forget them.