The best water purification system removes chlorine, lead, cysts, THMs, VOCs, pesticides and weed killers, cancer-causing chemicals from the water. Most of the water filter machines available in the market are not able to do what they are required to do. So, you should always look for the water filter that can kill all the germs and bacteria from the water.

The costs of all the water purifiers vary on the basis of their features. Reverse osmosis water filtration always costs the most, but they do not eliminate any of the chemical contaminants, not even the chlorine.

If the size of the pores in the membrane is not small enough, they would not be able to remove the cyst. You need a product that filters down to one micron, to remove the cyst. You can find more about water purification systems via

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Cyst refers to cryptosporidium or giardia oocysts. During the oocyst stage of life, parasites are resistant to chemical disinfection, as a result of which they float on the water. Once they are ingested, they cause intestinal infections that are similar to food poisoning that can lead to death as well. 

Proper water filtration systems will protect the health and safety of your family. If you buy the wrong purifier, you may be disappointed. So always try to look for a water filtration system that can kill harmful bacteria, lead, chlorine and other toxins from the water.