Holding a gold account in one of the top three high-end gold deposits in Zurich is a fast-growing trend among people looking to invest a fraction of their savings/assets in pure gold.

In the past, only bankers and brokers had access to these lockers for vaulting & security. Now, however, anyone with a minimum amount of gold can register for international membership in a gold locker or on an account.

In line with current trends in bullion and the global market as a whole, experts recommend keeping at least 10% of a person's wealth profile in gold in a gold vault.

The operation of this dome is guaranteed high. Most importantly, gold transactions are carried out without intermediaries. That's why you keep your gold locker protected against theft or burglary.

All gold vaults are insured for a nominal fee. This means that in the event of an accident such as loss, theft, or damage, the gold cabinet administration will compensate for it.

One of the main concerns people have about gold vaults is the unprecedented and unpredictable government policy regarding gold accounts. These concerns are particularly acute during difficult financial times, political turmoil, or changes in political governance.

The government is obliged to confiscate valuables/assets/accounts in foreign currency in a political or national emergency. This goes beyond managing gold vaults, which is why gold vaults are located in three international locations: London, the center of the gold bullion market, New York, and Switzerland.

Only authorized persons have access to the gold safe from the management of the gold vault. The entire system has been proven to be 99.99% foolproof and has built its trust over the decades.