The wood with minimal structural integrity is usually quality softwood, the frame is quick to build with an outer brick shell, and overall the end product it feels of good quality. The style differs from some other countries where wooden frame building is still popular.

Architecture “extension and facade change detached house in Bærum for wood architecture and design” (which is also known as “Pbygg og fasadeendring enebolig i Brum for wood arkitektur+design“ in Norwegian language) have been improving their skills in building wooden houses. 

One of the reasons for the higher quality is the significant difference in providing wooden buildings compared to the British method. Initially, they used high-quality wood. Reclaimed wood has grown slowly at a rapid pace for over 25 years. This has a significant impact on the structural integrity of the main product.

Architecture also tends to make wall panels, wooden walls with window openings, and windows to frames. This means that each panel has complete thermal integrity with a factory coating.

On the other hand, it is common to have light frames with the wooden window openings which are then raised and the windows installed retrospectively. This makes the connection between the wooden window and the wooden frame the best part of the whole wooden building.