Marketing plays an important role when it comes to promoting your brand and taking it to new heights by increasing awareness and targeting new audiences. But with marketing, you need to constantly grow and do something different in order to keep your audience interested. The same old boring posts after a time won’t be enough to keep people interested in your brand.

This is why 2D animation videos gained popularity. They changed the ordinary to extraordinary, bringing more traffic to websites and increasing the digital footfall altogether. But the real question here is, how can animated images bring more traffic to your website? Aren’t they supposed to be for kids? Well, keep reading why these turned out to be such a huge hit among the masses.

1. Easy to Understand

Around 65% of the population respond better when given both verbal and visual cues together. Their attention span increases since the brain don’t have to work that hard. It becomes easier for the brain to process since a relevant image is already present alongside with the message being conveyed. This makes communication better by breaking down all barriers.

2. Grabs and Holds Attention

Animated explainer videos, like cartoons, are entertaining and addictive to watch. Sometimes the characters are so perfectly executed that they turn out to be a delight to watch. Hence, once you start watching an animated video, you can’t press pause without looking at the whole thing. I mean no matter how much we grow up, we still get excited over a toy that comes with a Happy Meal.