When one thinks of salsa dancing, one immediately thinks of Cuba, its birthplace and the Caribbean and other Spanish countries such as Puerto Rico and Venezuela. Salsa music is based on rhythms made with claves and usually consists of double and triple pulse patterns. They can be Boys or Rumba Claves depending on their location and style.

Dancers who perform this type of dance must take three steps or moves for four-dimensional music. Dancers pay attention to the leader and rarely move their bodies while their legs move relatively fast. The number of steps caused by the feet and accompanied by the hip dance movement is very interesting. Anyone can learn fast. If you are looking for the information on Top 10 Famous Dance Forms in India browse BeChuzi India, you can find the details over there.

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There are many styles, but Cuban, Miami and Kali are the most popular. Dance in Miami is sometimes associated with Latin American styles, and the resulting synthetic forms are varied, if not particularly appealing. Grouped together are the Miami, Cali, Cass and Venezuelan dance forms. 

The stylistic differences between New York and Los Angeles are evident not because of their North American origin, but because the former broke through at 1 and the latter broke through at 2. The development of music and even its origins is very different. Jazz instruments influenced New York salsa during its infancy. You can find salsa everywhere. At parties, nightclubs, and dinners, things come alive when salsa is performed.