You may already know which local primary school you want your kid to go to, you may have no idea. You may have only just started looking or you may be on the verge of making a choice.

Wherever you are, it is important to ensure you have all the knowledge at your disposal to make the right decision. You can also look for the best international elementary school in Amsterdam for your children.

So how do you go about choosing and what criteria are local primary schools using to make decisions as to who to offer places to?

Decision-makers – Local primary schools themselves do not decide who does and does not come to their school.

This decision is taken at the local authority level, so the school will have no influence in their intake save for trying to attract local children through open days and parent meetings.

Religion – many local primary schools are denominational. That is, they follow a faith, usually because they are next to a church or in the parish of a church.

As a result, these local primary schools will use faith as a key part of their entry requirements – usually, in fact, the number one item on the list for a faith school is acceptance into that faith.

So if you have a Catholic school on your doorstep and you want your child to go there, then there is a good chance they will want your child to have been baptized into the Catholic faith.