The big sized cooking equipment in which a single unit of the burner and the medium of gas fused together is called gas range cookers.

They form an excellent substitute for electric cookers which most of the houses are using. For more information about cosmo gas range read this article

This type of instrument gives you better heat which is consistent and also provides quicker meals than our traditional electric cookers.

Basically this product has four or eight burners of different sizes at the top portion and a separate gas connection in the lower portion. For operating this cooker you need to install a gas range separately.

The gas range comes in various styles and colors matching the demands of the consumer. You can have 4 to 8 burners of varying sizes depending on your convenience.

There are more choices left with the buyer while selecting this gas range. Also, you have different options for using this gas range in various kitchen styles. However, many house owners are unwilling to install the range owing to the fear factor of leakage and inflammable nature.

Unlike traditional oven which can be operated by the 'plug and play' option this type of gas ranges needs a line separately for setting up the equipment.

And that is the reason many are hesitant to operate a gas valve in their kitchen. Still, these types of cookers are very useful and provide a consistent cooking advantage to the users.

Given that, it is the discretion of the user to switch over to gas range from electric oven since this is true comfort and aesthetic.