Eyelash extensions add length and volume to existing lashes. The result is beautiful eyes with big eyes and long lashes to emphasize them. Fake is made of polyester fiber thread, similar to the material that is glued individually to each lash.

Unlike the false lashes available at stores, these lashes are a temporary solution, especially for people who have thin lashes or who are experiencing eyelash loss. You can also browse this site to buy eyelash extensions online.

Eyelash extensions are professionally applied in the salon. Since individual lashes are different, each extension is made to order according to customer requirements. Since this is such a difficult procedure, it is best to leave the lash extensions to a professional.

Even though the false lashes are clustered, each eye needs about 30 to 80 lashes to achieve this flirty look. The adhesive is sweat and water-resistant, so users can swim, snorkel, or ski to continue their daily activities without much hassle. They last for about a month, but usually, after two to three weeks, the client comes back to touch them.

Since it's not easily accessible and doesn't look like a lash enhancer and mascara, people have to make appointments at the salon to get the job done. The false lashes are attached to the real lashes, as the lashes grow, their elongation increases. Re-application is required.