While it can be difficult at times to compare online shopping to street shopping, let's take a look at some of the best times to shop online and why it makes sense. But before that, if you want to shop online for the best products then you can check here.

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Convenience – For most of us, going to a shop on the road means driving or public transportation and then finding a parking space or waiting while waiting for a connection. Add in the weather and the frustration of other buyers and you'll quickly see why shopping from the comfort of your home is often the perfect choice for many.

Price – If you live in a small town or area with few shops, you will often find that you may be paying more for an item because there is little or no competition from other people selling the same products. The more stores that sell a product, the better the price for the consumer, and the internet can really help customers get a much better price for what they want.

Assortment – You should have 50 shops side by side on the main road, even when approaching the assortment of products that you can find on the Internet at the same time. With many shopping portals and price comparison portals, you can quickly see which products you like and can also browse other products that may interest you. 

Location – The World Wide Web brings the world together and the same is true for online stores because whatever product you need, all you know is you can buy it online and have it delivered to your doorstep. With shipping rates much cheaper now than in previous years, you can actually order from almost anywhere in the world and still save money compared to shopping on the main drag.