Crystal healing is a form of alternative healing, using crystals and gemstones. The idea behind it is that crystals are often said to help stimulate the healing process. As healing can be as much emotional as it is physical, this form of treatment has been used for headaches, insomnia, and cancer.

The crystals are said to contain energy that can be transferred to restore health and fight against disease, as well as offer spiritual guidance.

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The argument some supporters of crystal healing make is that, whilst the stones do not cure disease directly, they can help to correct the underlying problems. Each healer has their own opinion, and some use the method in conjunction with other methods.

The main premise behind the need for crystal healing is that illness occurs when there is an imbalance between a person and divine energy. This divine energy, or light, is believed by some healers to be the very foundation of universal creation. The crystals are said to help correct this imbalance between us and our universe.

The gemstones are applied to certain energy centers, known as chakras. They are said to draw light and color to the aura of the body, creating a flow of energy. This flow is often thought to promote a sense of healing through the re-balancing of the body's energy.

Some of the better crystal therapists have been thought to have an instinct that can detect the exact location in the body where the energy is being blocked. That means they can place the crystals on the parts of the body that will promote healing most effectively. The stones are of varying sizes and colors and each promotes a distinct healing quality.